Australia releases a collectible neon sign Postage Stamps

The nation of Australia recently released its line of commemorative Custom neon signs UK. postage stamps featuring three of its historic neon signs.

The Skipping Girl, known as Little Aubrey, was first created in 1936 as an advertising piece for Skipping Girl Vinegar. The sign featured a young girl playing jump rope immediately captured the attention and hearts of everyone in Melbourne.

The sign currently in place in 1970 was different from the original sign.

There was a public protest following its removal.

As a result, a campaign was initiated to reinstall it. Through the participation of the businessman John Benjamin, a new, slightly smaller Little Audrey sign was reinstated on the top at Benjamin’s Crusader Plate Company, just a few feet from its original place of operation.

It was officially classified as a Victorian Heritage Icon by the National Trust in 2007; the Skipping Girl Sign is the first neon sign animated to be found in Australia and is listed in the Victorian Heritage Register, which lists the most important locations and objects.

The sign was decommissioned in 2012. Little Audrey changed into solar power and was able to skip around 16,000 times every night, powered by the energy built in the daytime sunlight.

Skating Girl Neon Sign

Following World War II, Queensland’s Gold Coast because a popular honeymoon spot. The Pink Poodle, built-in 1967 to decorate the Pink Poodle Motel, became synonymous with the surfers ‘ paradise. The hotel was destroyed in 2004. However, it was rebuilt and relocated to a new area.

Dandy Pig Dandy Pig was constructed in the 1950s to commemorate the Gippsland Cooperative Bacon Curing Co. The sign is illuminated and features a well-dressed Mr. Pig informal morning attire, wearing a top hat as he welcomes people into Dandenong, Victoria.

Following the closure of the business in 1983, the sign was placed in storage until it was repaired and rebuilt on Dandenong Market. Dandenong Market in 1993, in recognition of the sign’s cultural, social, and historical value.

The Seattle’s Most Photographed Attraction

It’s been reported that Seattleites tend to exaggerate the amount of rain that falls to deter tourists from moving into their emerald city. Indeed, the “rain” portion is not as accurate as it is a city that does see plenty of cloudy skies; it has less rain than New York City, Houston, Texas, and numerous towns in other U.S. cities.

Whatever the weather, it is full of beautiful scenes discovered within Seattle. City in Seattle.

Pike Place Market, the breathtaking view from Mount Rainier, and the Great Wheel, to name just some.

The most popular attraction is… not The Space Needle, as many might have initially thought.

What will outshine Seattle’s iconic landmark and draw photographers away?

What about a rotating neon pink elephant! The whimsical elephant sign at the Elephant Super Car Wash located at the intersection of Battery Street and Seventh Avenue-literally only a few blocks away from the Space Needle-wins the prize.

Three brothers, Archie, Dean, and Eldon Anderson, came up with an automated hands-free car wash. In the mid-1950s, they launched the second location – they’re third.

The Space Needle became the pink elephant’s closest neighbor six years later. Pink elephants are now a part of 8 Elephant Car Wash locations in Seattle, and there are more locations across Eastern Washington, Arkansas, and California.


There is an affinity between the playful and the bizarre in Seattle, and who wouldn’t want an elephant made of neon hot bathing itself! It’s hard not to smile while driving by this huge neon twirling sign.

Interestingly, the motor inside will stop when the wind blows intensely.

A First Impressive Impression Begins by displaying your name.

In business, first impressions count. A bad image of yourself can cost you the trust of potential clients and customers and cost your business. Your first impressions of your client or customer will establish the tone for the future relationship between you and them.

It indicates you’re professional and well-prepared. It’s not hard to create an excellent first impression each time by following these basic guidelines. “We look at books by their cover” is the adage, and customers can form a judgment within a mere 100 milliseconds. Once they’ve been made, they’re extremely difficult to alter.

Also, first impressions are swift, solid, and extremely sticky. So how can you make an excellent impression with your company?

Be attentive to the essentials. Your storefront and signage are the first impressions your customers get of you.

In the book “Predatory Marketing” C.

Your signage at the entrance to your store provides customers with all the information they need for them to make an instant judgment.

Professional, polished, and friendly are essential to making an excellent first impression of the storefront. Whether we’re happy with this, appearances are important and impact people’s perceptions.

Many small-scale business owners do not appreciate the importance of their arrival. When a customer walks to your store, you are the one to close the deal and turn the person from a potential customer to an ongoing customer.

Keep in mind that make a positive impression, and future customers won’t leave you behind.

A great first impression begins with a great sign. A great character can attract customers and be a great way to attract them.

the right size for the area it is located in,

Develops a theme to fit your other marketing

We are Fire House Neon Signs; we’re here to help you create that important first impression!